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request a commission


Commissions are a special way to be a part of the tree’s story. With intention and presence, we work together to cocreate a piece unique for you and your space.


Some things to consider regarding my craft and commissions:


  • A specific type of wood can be suggested but is not always available. Rounds are dried 6 months to a year prior to painting and so is limited to the current queue.


  • I do not take on “tight” ideas or imagery requests where the tree is not considered in the vision. There must be room for the life force of the wood to speak.


  • Commissions are offered at a range correlated to the size of the round, intricacy of the vision, and time/care/presence allotted to the natural unfolding of the piece. The lower end of the range offers the minimum I can accept the project at while still honoring my craft and the tree (a simpler design), where the upper end is the highest I accept to bring forth the most realized expression of the piece (more intricate). It is important to recognize there is magic to behold within every layer of the range so no matter where you are, your piece will be the one meant for you.


Thank you, speak soon

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